Inbox Freedom: The Zen Masters Guide to Tackling Your Email and Work Mike Ghaffary



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Inbox Freedom: The Zen Masters Guide to Tackling Your Email and Work  by  Mike Ghaffary

Inbox Freedom: The Zen Masters Guide to Tackling Your Email and Work by Mike Ghaffary
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Inbox Freedom is the first productivity and efficiency system designed from the ground up to deal with the demands of the modern workplace. The authors of this book are two Silicon Valley technology executives who have spent countless hours refining their own productivity systems to deal with the ever-increasing demands on their time.

Both felt that the most popular books on organization and time management had some good principles but didn’t reflect the modern world of work.In the past decade, the pace of change has accelerated. The emergence of powerful smartphones, tablet computers, and cloud computing services has led to a tremendous increase in connectivity and communication at work. As a consequence, many of us feel overwhelmed by the demands on our time.

The volume of emails, text messages, documents, and other work-related communication continues to grow but our notions of productivity and efficiency are still rooted in a world that was dominated by the phone, fax machine, and printed paper.Most of the seminal works in organization, time management, and productivity where written before the rise of mobile computing, smartphones, and cloud computing. While many of those works had strong tips for coping with a world dominated by paper and printed work, the world of work has changed substantially. All of us are expected to produce and share more written work in digital form than ever.

The modern professional faces an almost unsurmountable number of challenges, including the following:-The “always on” culture enabled by smartphones, tablets and ubiquitous access to data on the go creates the expectation of 24x7 availability and productivity.-People are expected to stay on top of an ever-increasing volume of email with limited tools for prioritizing and filtering incoming messages.-As the number of important tasks competing for your attention continues to grow, the pressure to make sure you’re working on the right task at the right time continues to increase.Inbox Freedom will give you a framework for thinking about how to approach your work so that you can be more focused at work and less anxious about the things that aren’t getting done.

Inbox Freedom will give you the tools to think about how you deal with the four core aspects of most people’s work - email, tasks, documents, and notes - and to build a system that will help you become much more effective at work and in life.For many, managing email is the biggest challenge at work.

That is not surprising to us. While many of us learned to read in elementary school and were taught to write effectively in high school and college, the modern workplace does little to help people become more effective or be thoughtful on how to structure their work. We devote a significant portion of the book to helping your benchmark your current mastery of email management and providing specific tactics and tips you can use to improve.The other key theme in the book is the importance of maximizing what you can do with the combination of your smartphone and cloud computing.

We believe that the emergence of the smartphone connected to cloud computing resources is one of the most important developments in the world of work and most people are not taking advantage of what that combination allows.Inbox Freedom is designed to be a fast read with lots of specific tips and tactics you can use to become more effective and productive immediately.

Highlights of the book include:Specific tips and tricks for increasing your ability to manage email in less timeA comprehensive list of cloud-based tools and apps you can use to double your productivityTwo productivity audits that will benchmark your current mastery of email and your s

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