David Calvins Locksmith Bundle David Calvin


Published: November 14th 2014

Kindle Edition

282 pages


David Calvins Locksmith Bundle  by  David Calvin

David Calvins Locksmith Bundle by David Calvin
November 14th 2014 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 282 pages | ISBN: | 4.34 Mb

David Calvin, author of The Dollar-A-Minute Locksmith, as compiled a number of books designed for people looking to start a lock service business. This compilation contains these titles: 1) Drilling Open and Bypassing Locks, 2) Deadbolts for Dollars 3) The Dollar-A-Minute Locksmith Advertising Program, 4) Servicing and Replacing Commercial Door Closers, 5) The Basics of Lock Cylinder Re-Keying, 6) The Dollar-A-Minute Commercial Locksmith and 7) Vandal-Proofing Doors Commercial Doors.Book 1 gives the reader instructions about drilling and bypassing locks open when the locks cannot be picked or when they are damaged.

David teaches the reader how it is done and how to help prevent criminal from doing it.Book 2 is a step by step deadbolt installation that talks about technique and tools. Davids fastest deadbolt installation is four minutes. Deadbolts can be bought for $13 and installed for $75 plus a service call.Book 3 is about advertising your lock business.

David advises staying away from pay-per-click with larger ad companies and advocates some older methods. However, David knows that Face Book is the only place he wants to be these days. He still targets people with postcard and coupons, though.Book 4 is about replacing and tweaking commercial door closers.

It shows you how to diagnose problems and includes a step-by-step concealed closer replacement. David has come to believe that there is enough money to be made in surface-mounted closers ans advises staying away from the concealed closer jobs. Good closers can be bought for $60 and installed for $195.

This can be a business of its own. Just visit businesses that have slamming doors or leaky closers!Book 5 is about the basics of lock re-keying. Cmon guys! This is simple! When it comes to keying locks in the business world, there are only really three types you need to worry about: and they all key the same. Learn the tips and tricks in this book.Book 6 is the general commercial side of the lock business. David believes in focus, so he stays with homes and businesses. This book shows you what you should focus on. Not safes, not cars, but quick, profitable business calls. Includes a Door-O-Matic service section with pictures.

EASY!Book 7 teaches you how to vandal-proof commercial doors. You can make a business just out of this alone! David shows you how. You will be surprised what you can sell a customer just by showing hm the problems with his building exits!! Too goo to be true. But, do you have the drive to get out and do it? David Does!As soon as this book compilation goes live, the individual books will no longer be able to be purchased separately.

As you have seen, the price for this compilation is very, very small for what you will get here.As always, if you purchase my book, you can always email me or call me (Thats Right!) if you need any further information. If you feel I should address any issue in this compilation, email me and I will let me know.As always, I would like to encourage you to pick up a part of this business, either part or full time!

The people in your neighborhood know you and will hire you if know what you are doing! And the dirty little secret in lock work is that is very, very easy to do with a little practice! By the way, the big boys in the industry do not want you finding it out!

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