The Puppy Of Doom And Other Stories John Stilwell


Published: September 27th 2011



The Puppy Of Doom And Other Stories  by  John Stilwell

The Puppy Of Doom And Other Stories by John Stilwell
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The Puppy of Doom and Other Stories is a collection of science fiction short stories. Several are future war stories set about two hundred years hence. Several more are speculative pieces set in the near future. All are hard science fiction with several inspired by real scientific breakthroughs in robotics and biotech engineering.Mercy: An alien (Gemini) finds that doing the right thing is sometimes harder than it looks.The Assignment: Saving the human race could get an alien killed.Tank: What if you volunteered to be turned into a machine?The Lost Calvary: Waking up at the bottom of an ocean, a Cybertank must find out what happened and why its chained down!The Upgrade: On route to a colony world, a surprise attack strands a Cybertank in space!The Puppy of Doom: The newly elected president discovered the Nations closest guarded secret.In The Shadow of Giants : Fighting against the evil Qwelleron empire, Ian discovers that they are merely insects...Mark of the Civilized: Picking up the pieces after the human/Qwelleron war is easier said then done.Once Upon a Domesticon: A short comedy about the joy of owning a robot.Alberts Bio-Pet: A bitter-sweet comedy about owning a genetically engineered animal.The Perfect Food: The perfect bio-engineered food is successfully produced and marketed.

But instead of making an executive rich, it causes the end of civilization.

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